Protect and Serve

Crossfit in Bountiful, UT. We are here to protect (your body) and serve.



These are the kind of gloves you wear when you come prepared to murder your WOD!

We have had a request for wednesday partner WOD's.  This will run thru Feb.

PARTNER WOD In teams of 2: "Team Jackie" 1000m Row 50 Thrusters 30 Pull-up L1 Jump/Band PU, 20/15 L2 Band/Kip/Butterfly, 35/20 L3 45/30 Partner 1 will row 1000m, once complete partner 2 will begin. Partner 1 will then move onto thrusters and then pull-ups, partner 2 cannot begin their trusters/pull-up until P1 has cleared that station. THEN: 60 OHS 40 Box jump overs 20 Muscle Ups/Bar Muscle Ups/C2B PU 1 Mile Run L1 65/45 L2 95/65 L3 135/95 All work except for run can be broken up anyway. Once 60-40-20 is complete partners will run mile together.