Protect and Serve

Crossfit in Bountiful, UT. We are here to protect (your body) and serve.


This Saturday May 13th my daughter Riley will be hosting a fundraiser for a school project. I am asking all of you on her behalf to please come and donate. There will be a short 5 minute burpee challenge that can be done at anytime on Saturday. If you cannot make it please donate. Info is on the flyer below.

Fundraiser Flyer


500 Meter Row CrossFit Warm Up 3x10


With a running clock complete:

4 Rounds for time: 10 Power Snatch 10 Burpees L1-45/35, L2-65/45, L3-95/65

At the 10 minute mark complete:

4 Rounds for time: 10 Thrusters 10 Pull-ups L1-45/35 Banded PU, L2-65/45 Banded or Kipping PU, L3-95/65 Kipping or Butterfly PU

At the 20 minute mark complete:

4 Rounds for time: 10 Box Jump 24/20 1 Sled Push L1-Box step-up 70/45, L2-Box Jump or Step 90/70, L3-135/90