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This cute little nugget turns the big 44 today!!  If you know her then you won't be surprised she has given us very clear instructions for today's workout!  Happy bday Jules!

WARM UP 3 RDS 200m run 10 Burpees Julies fav

WOD "I can't believe she's 44"

4 rds (4 decades) 44 Wall Ball 20/14, 14/10, 10/6 44 OH Walking lunges (22ea leg)  45/25, 25/15, 15/10 44 Sit-ups 44 KB SDHP 70/50, 50/35, 35/25

*44 Minute cut-off

Here are a few CF fun facts (warnings) about Julie

*Don't set up in "her spot"

*Don't touch her bar

*If she yells at you during the WOD she will text and apologize later

*Don't skip on your reps!! She is unusually good at counting her reps and yours.:/

*She has convinced herself she is a cf22  "honorary owner"