Protect and Serve

Crossfit in Bountiful, UT. We are here to protect (your body) and serve.


Oh A-Aron this made me laugh!

Thanksgiving WOD will be in teams of 2!  We will start right at 7 and new heats will start every 20 min (total WOD time will be 40min).  Sign up sheet will be online sometime Monday.  Burpee Challenge can be done anytime between 7-10 and does NOT require sign up.

ATTENTION: Save the date Thursday November 24, Thanksgiving, we will be hosting a fundraiser. This year we will be raising money for a charity called Peruvian Hearts. This charity was brought to us by on of our members, Ginny Naylor. As usual we will be selling shirts to help raise money, all proceeds will go to Peruvian Hearts. There will be a team WOD and a burpee challenge Thanksgiving morning. Please watch for sign up sheets for both the shirts and the WOD. You do not need to be present on Thanksgiving or buy a shirt to donate, all donations and any amount will be appreciated. Below is a little information about Peruvian Hearts please read it. 
Peruvian Hearts empowers young women and enables them to reach their full potential through a unique formula. They combine enhanced educational opportunities along with mentorship and participation in service and structured empowerment classes to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to for these young women to rise up and break the cycle of poverty. Peruvian Hearts focuses on girls because they are more likely to use their acquired skills and resources to invest in their families. 
Peruvian Hearts hand picks girls to participate in their program based on financial need, academic strength and motivation and her desire to give back to the community. All of the girls in the program come from rural villages where quality education is not available or from families with very few economic resources. 
Peruvian Hearts provides full tuition scholarships plus room and board for its participants. They also have mentors who work with them one on one in addition to daily English classes in order to help them prepare for additional education or employment.

Athlete Choice
Muscle up Modifications
Turkish Get Up Technique
4 Bar MU
6 DB Turkish Get Up 45/30, 30/20, 20/15
8 Ring Push up